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An example would be the famous Van Cliburn International Piano Competition , offers contestants a choice of two Ds owned by the Van Cliburn Foundation, one a mellow-toned instrument made in New York, the other a bright-toned instrument made in Hamburg. These are supplemented with a third Steinway piano brought in for the event. Virtually all critical design elements of the Steinway ‘D’ were developed during the 19th century. Among them are the action and string scale designs perfected by Henry Steinway Jr. Theodor Steinway, another of the founder’s sons; the trapwork pedals , first devised by Albert Steinway, a third son; and most aspects of the soundboard. Since those early years, only two notable improvements have been made: a concentric shaping of the soundboard, a design patented by younger family member Paul Bilhuber, was introduced in ; more recently the Steinway action was changed to provide a greater mechanical advantage to the player, resulting in less touch resistance with no loss of power. Steinway , had built a grand piano in the so-called “kitchen grand” , which today is preserved at the Steinway Hall in New York City. Such grand pianos with a limited keyset of 6 or 6.

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I want to learn to play the piano; specifically to play my favorite composer, Joep Beving. View our library of professional piano restoration services, online piano museum and collection of rare antique instruments for sale. Two weekends ago I brought my keyboard home from Minneapolis and stored under my bed. I’ve stopped writing music, still want to play, but I’m waiting for a real piano. For years I would sneak into practice spaces in my college colleges I taught at to play on a real piano.

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June 7, Steinway Piano Gallery. In the piano world, older is not better. In fact, pianos are at their peak performance during their first 10 years. While it is possible for older pianos to be acceptable to some players, the piano never plays or sounds as good as it did when it was new. The evidence is irrefutable. Whenever a performing arts center or music institution needs a new piano, they always look for a new one first. If older pianos were better, why would they not save money and buy a used piano instead?

Be wary of anyone who uses this term. Google the term. Henry Z. Steinway has no intention to move their factory. Steinway is different. Boston and Essex. Steinway was a publicly traded company for over 25 years—as are most piano manufacturing companies.

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They started with the letter “A” code in , and I think I remember reading that they only skipped one letter i or o? Contact David Kirkland at the factory and he can probably set you straight. Sent from Mail for Windows

11 unusual pianos. Unusual Piano and probably one of a kind. Bass Guitar Notes​Bass Guitar LessonsOld PianosBaby Grand PianosPiano BenchUpright.

The decision has artistic, technical, financial, institutional, and, often, political dimensions. On the single-brand side, probably best known is the All-Steinway School program, with more than institutions participating. The College of Music at Florida State University is one of the largest music schools in the country to maintain a diverse inventory of many brands. Below, proponents of the two schools of thought put their best feet forward to explain the reasons behind their respective choices.

Recently, I asked pianists, technicians, and administrators from All-Steinway Schools to talk about Steinways in general, and the impact the All-Steinway School program has had on their schools, performances, and teaching. To my surprise, instead of dry e-mails containing boilerplate comments, I received voluminous e-mails and lengthy, enthusiastic phone calls from pianists and technicians. This article explains the All-Steinway School program, and explores the reasons why these professionals are so passionate about Steinway pianos, particularly in the institutional setting.

Below are highlights of the All-Steinway School program:. Until recently, for example, Steinways were recommended for practice rooms for piano majors, but were not mandatory. Pianists and technicians gave a number of reasons why they prefer Steinway pianos for institutional use, among them the instruments’ durability, stability, serviceability, and the technical support available from the manufacturer; their musical qualities for performance and teaching; and their versatility and malleability to accommodate diverse musical styles and personal tastes.

Ellis, who has worked almost exclusively on Steinways for the last 25 years, says that if he were buying pianos for a school, he would insist on Steinways because of their durability, as well as their tuning stability.

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Some of the most commonly asked questions about our services relates to piano tuning and how much it costs. The simple answer to the question is that all pianos differ, and the rates will vary. Piano tuning is exactly what it implies… the tuning pins will be moved with a tuning hammer , and set to the appropriate tension in order to produce the correct sound. The way a piano plays is NOT affected by normal piano tuning.

The Kohler & Campbell brand has a long legacy of building quality pianos dating back to Modern Kohler & Campbell pianos are manufactured by Samick.

How old is my Steinway piano? We get these questions on a daily basis and we can help you with this! The serial number for Steinway pianos are located in several different places. The easiest place to find it is on the gold colored harp inside the piano. Also the Letter stamped in ink above the serial number is the model of the piano. For Steinway upright pianos you need to lift the pianos lid and look inside the piano, normally the serial number along with the model will be stamped in ink inside the piano, also on its harp.

The piano below dates to circa Lets start with the keyslip.

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The victim of vandals in the s and years of neglect since, the Steinway B concert piano has seen better days. And it Terrebonne High School talent vocal instructor Ginny Medina-Hamilton and choral instructor Andy Messina have their way, the instrument will be returned to its original luster. The two instructors have set out to restore the Steinway to concert-worthy status. Although beaten and barely able to hold a tune, the instrument is still valuable.

On Steinway grand pianos the serial number can be found on the cast iron plate between the tuning pins above the keyboard. On Steinway upright pianos the.

Only Bosendorfer is older, established by the Austrian Ignaz Bosendorfer in Not a lot of significant music came out of La Traviata being an exception , or significant history for that matter. But the contribution of those three entrepreneurial German piano-makers is hard to overstate years later. To see a piano concert of any merit not performed on a Steinway can be a genuine surprise. Pianos being hardly the most suitable item for trans-ocean export, a European plant was established in , in Hamburg.

Those are words with considerable resonance when you stand among the craftspeople on the workshop floor of the Hamburg factory now.

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Producing high quality, handmade pianos since , Steinway has captured the attention of artisans and virtuosos alike and garnered the spot for some of the most valuable antique handmade pianos still in existence today. Nine out of ten concert pianists prefer Steinway over any other brand. Depending on the condition, age and value, an antique piano may or may not see a significant return on investment from restoration.

Sourcing wood compatible with the historical integrity of their oldest models, Steinway has remained consistent in their craftsmanship since the turn of the 20th century. Restoring a Steinway, depending on its condition and the amount of work involved in the process is an investment that will almost always see a return.

Steinway & Sons manufactures Steinway pianos in New York and since — with the oldest piano currently in use dating from

Hopefully, piano technicians and historians will also find the list useful. Square pianos and other pianos made before about are listed for academic purposes only; see pages — for information on buying square and antique pianos. Note that entries in the list refer to models in regular stock manufacture only, as they appeared in catalogs and price lists.

There are no listings here of the different furniture styles available in each model, or of custom cases or experimental variations that were made from time to time. Hence, some details are elusive, especially concerning pianos built during the first twenty-five years of manufacture. This list is based on the best available information to date, but should not be considered infallible.

Because most of the dates listed here are from catalogs, whereas the serial numbers are from production records, dates and serial numbers may not match each other exactly, and dates may differ by a year or more from other versions of this list in circulation. Also, a given model may have been manufactured or sold in limited quantities after the time it was officially discontinued.

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Also include a woman – how old your piano? Stamped in my piano. Stamped into the serial numbers. Each piano and lovers. Construction year of your serial number 1. Also used serial number.

Dating an instrument by serial number and brand name Grand and square grand pianos usually have the brand name and serial number stamped on the.

Ancient piano dealer established by Giuseppe Passadori Brescia, May the 20th , November the 17th He started the activity when he was sixsteen, restoring his first piano under the expert guide of his uncle Guglielmo Borghetti, organist and piano teacher, son of an ancient spinets producer one those spinets, dating back to late early , is preserved in our offices.

From that very first restoration, Giuseppe Passadori laid the foundation of a passion that was going to become his job and his life, and then the life and the job of his whole family. After the success of that first restoration, he became piano tuner and restorer full time, managing works of increasing complexity. Around the founder developed his businness introducing the new and second hand high-quality pianos’selling. With his sons, Piero, Enzo and Angelo the company gets bigger and the most important musicians of that time untrust their instruments to the Passadori Brothers’ careful hands, supported by the gifted tuner Werther Bettini Desenzano, Brescia In Passadori Pianoforti officially acquires the qualification of Steinway dealer for Brescia province.

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Whether dazzling an audience, woodshedding in the practice room, or exploring the joy of music at home, the Steinway—designed Boston brings genuine world-class tone and responsiveness within reach. Thanks to its Steinway pedigree, the Boston sounds better, plays better, and lasts longer than any other piano in its price range. Learn More. Intuitive grace.

As part of the Steinway and Sons’ Ebony Grand and Verticals collection, the The instructors researched the background of the piano dating back to

A player piano also known as pianola is a self-playing piano , containing a pneumatic or electro-mechanical mechanism that operates the piano action via programmed music recorded on perforated paper, or in rare instances, metallic rolls , with more modern implementations using MIDI. The rise of the player piano grew with the rise of the mass-produced piano for the home in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The advent of electrical amplification in home music reproduction via radio in the same period helped cause their eventual decline in popularity, and the stock market crash of virtually wiped out production. The idea of automatic musical devices can be traced back many centuries, and the use of pinned barrels to operate percussion mechanisms such as striking bells in a clock was perfected long before the invention of the piano.

These devices were later extended to operate musical boxes , which contain a set of tuned metal teeth plucked by the player mechanism. An early musical instrument to be automated was the organ , which is comparatively easy to operate automatically. The power for the notes is provided by air from a bellows system, and the organist or player device only has to operate a valve to control the available air. The playing task is ideally performed by a pinned barrel, and the art of barrel organs was well advanced by the midth century.

The piano is a complex instrument, requiring each note to be struck with a different force to control the dynamics of the performance. The entire force required to sound the note must be given by the performer hitting the keys. It proved to be difficult for a player device to combine a variable percussive force and a controlled note duration. Barrels do not provide a percussive force, but a relatively gentle switching motion.

Dating pianos by serial number

The most accurate way to determine the specific age of your instrument is by cross-referencing the brand name with the serial number. There are a handful of historical publications that can be used to cross-reference brand names with serial numbers in order to determine specific dates of manufacture. While most major manufactures are listed in these archives, some smaller and lesser-known firms may not be listed.

Sadly, the history of many obscure firms has been lost over time. Our experts are generally able to estimate the age of an instrument within a 5 — 10 year period based solely on design and construction. In most pianos, the brand name and serial number can be found inside the instrument near the soundboard or strings.

The PianoCraft Rebuild™. I traded in my nearly brand new (2 years old) Steinway B on a PianoCraft rebuilt Steinway B. It seems crazy, but the.

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Vintage Steinway Upright Piano – Built in 1900 – Original Woodwork – Ivory Keys