Are you coming up short in your quest to earn that Mascot dressphere? Missing the events that earn the all-important Episode Complete ranking for each area of Spira? Let us help. Using the guide below as a reference, you’ll find each and every requirement for the maximum result of each Episode in Final Fantasy X-2, in the fastest way possible, to earn the best ending for each of the various areas of Spira. Note: This guide assumes you give the awesome sphere to the Youth League? Also, you’re expected to visit all areas in Chapter 3 for possible commsphere events that lead to earning Episode Complete as you place the necessary commspheres in this chapter, but you’ll visit them all anyway, sans Luca, if you want Mascot anyhow.

Final Fantasy X-2/Calm Lands Mini Games

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’ s battle system was redesigned from the ground up, though some elements from the previous titles have been retained. Characters are divided into four combat classes: power-based Vanguards, agility-based Assassins, range-based Marksmen, and unique trait-based Specialists. Characters can perform Brave attacks, which increase the player’s Bravery level based on the amount of damage done.

If an opponent is attacked while their Bravery is at zero, a Bravery Break will be triggered, giving the player a substantial Bravery boost.

When all of the lovely birds are back in Giza, head back and talk to Terra, and she’ll give you two Hi-Ethers for your trouble. Viera Matchmaking.

From the moment you first arrive there, you have the ability to participate in two side quests related to this area. There are two companies vying for customers to try out their attractions: Open Air and Argent, Inc. You can choose to aid one of the companies in getting more customers by participating in a publicity campaign on their behalf. It doesn’t really matter which company you choose, as the end result will be the same.

There is also a second side quest you can choose to participate in. Taking on both quests may seem like a lot of work, but it’s actually a good idea to do them both concurrently. The female NPC’s that are approachable during the publicity side quest are also fair game for the matchmaking side quest. Matchmaking side quest information To take on the Matchmaking side quest, speak to the man behind the table on the right at the Calm Lands Travel Agency and he’ll ask Yuna to marry his son.

He’ll then ask you to spread the word that his son is searching for a wife. Say yes to accept the side quest.

100% Completion Walkthrough – Guide for Final Fantasy X-2

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% Completion Walkthrough – Guide for Final Fantasy X-2 Final Fantasy X-2 You can e-mail me at [email protected] for questions and tips so I can improve my An if you have done the matchmaking campaign you can get an item.

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition is out now for PC and Steam, but it’s a disaster

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SerialZero; Jan 15, 05 at pm (PST); 1. Here’s a guide that covers that whole side mission; Shuuin X2’s Marriage & PR Mission FAQ. Krunal; Jan 15, 05 at.

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Home Final Fantasy. With cross-platform matchmaking. Originally released on the GameCube in Following his initial claim that no new characters would be introduced.

“Final Fantasy X”: Celestial Weapons Guide

Along with that, the Kingdom Hearts 1. Square Enix has been making a push, recently, to release its older titles on modern systems. Xbox One has received some of the older Final Fantasy titles this year, but the support from Square Enix has been pretty spotty.

Is this possable to figure out without a guide? Anyway time to do the PR/ Matchmaking for.

Publicity Campaign is a mission in Final Fantasy X At any time during the game, the player can visit the Calm Lands and sign up to campaign for either Open Air, Inc. The earliest this mission can be started is Chapter 1. After deciding which company to campaign for, using when in front of a non-player character will open up a window with campaign pitches.

Depending upon their response, a certain number of points is added to a tally. A representative of the company can tell how many points have been accumulated. When enough points are made, the publicity level will go up. If publicity level 5, which requires points, is reached by Chapter 5, the player gets an Episode Complete. The publicity level can only go one higher than the current chapter, so if points, enough for level 3, is made in Chapter 1, the level will stay at level 2 until Chapter 2 is reached.

Another way to earn points is to play minigames for that company in the Calm Lands. If enough credits are spent, points will be added to the total. There are a few rewards for completing the PR Mission. If level 3 is reached for a company, they will open a new minigame to play. They also start selling new items depending upon the publicity level.

Final Fantasy X-2 Official Strategy Guide

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Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy will be joining Game Pass FinalFantasy VII, VIII Remastered, IX, X|X-2 HD Remaster, XII THE.

Male Female. Forgot your password? This decade-old title still holds up today but those diving into the adventure for the first time will be a bit lost. Here are helpful tips to make your journey through Spira a lot easier. If you’re too low, get ready to die a lot. The developers have ensured that each section of the game takes advantage of abilities you should have access to.

This includes Haste, Fira, and even specific amounts of health. These abilities are usually limited to specific characters but it’s unwise to try to obtain these during the beginning of the game. Instead, follow the specific path set for you. When you reach the end the game will lock the path with a level specific node. The last thing you want is to have Auron without his armor break or Tidus without Haste.

Those abilities, like others, are easily accessible to their default paths.

Publicity Campaign

Item locations, tasks that need doing, and other important aspects of the side mission are available here. List of Contents. This quest is somehow connected with the Lost Cactoid sidequest in that it involves Ruksel getting free of the burden of looking for the Mother Cactoid’s son, Dran. Once you’re done with that mission, you’ll be seeing Ruksel looking out to the horizon. With Tchigiri now the new pilot of the Nebra River Ferry, what is the old man going to do with all of this free time?

Well, Ruksel has always been a man of the river.

Tell him that you’ll sell his tickets. This quest, in essence, requires you to go along the northern and southern banks of the Moonflow, selling tickets for a baseline.

She lived most of her life by a strict code of ethics directed by the teachings of Yevon. She alwaysbelievedthat shewould one day sacrifice herself to defeat Sin, but through the love and faith of her guardian she rea. After this great victory, Yuna is now attempting to explore and enjoy the life she thought she would have to forsake. While her main desiresare to explorethe wodd, meet new people,and have fun, Yuna also seeksto answerthe mysteriessurounding l-.

The Al Bhed are a race of people in Spira who speak a different language,which can be deciphered by obtaining the Al Bhed Primers. A1 Bhed enjoy tin kering with machines,or “machina,”and they have startedan excavationin Bikanel Desert to unearth ancient machina to study in hopes of improving their cufient use and one day make their own. The Gullwings’ airship,the Celsius,is a unique pieceof machina.

Final Fantasy XV

Included below is a full list of the side quests that can be completed in the game, however the top link can be used as a guide for completing all of the end game content available in the game. This page provides you with step-by-step instructions for which quests to complete and in which order:. Side Quests and End Game Walkthrough Detailed instructions for completing each of the side quests in a logical and sequential order. The Zodiac Spear Avoiding several of the treasure chests in the game to make the Zodiac Spear the most powerful weapon in the game appear in the Necrohol of Nabudis.

Desert Patient A series of side quests that take place in the Dalmasca Estersand that will allow you to travel from the South Bank Village to the North Bank Village and help you regain access into the Barheim Passage later on in the game.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster – $ (was $) / £ (was £); Final Fantasy XII – $ (was $) / £ (was £).

Final Fantasy XIV has been steadily updated since its initial rocky launch in The game has seen a complete system overhaul in the form of the A Realm Reborn re-release. This was bolstered further by three expansions including Heavensward , Stormblood , and Shadowbringers. However, many of them may be confused how to access the game’s classes and jobs. During character creation, players can select from 8 different jobs.

But as expansions and patches for Final Fantasy XIV released, new combat jobs were rolled out over time. The current total as of Shadowbringers is 18 combat jobs, split into three different roles: tank, healer, and DPS damage dealer. Each has different requirements to unlock, including certain character levels, progression in the storyline, and expansion purchase.

This means that people may start Final Fantasy XIV with one job, only to switch several times before reaching max level and endgame content.

Final Fantasy X-2 – PR Sidequests for Chapter 1