Emily Maynard Confronts Arie Luyendyk, Jr., Bachelorette Producer About Past Relationship

During Monday night’s episode, Maynard, 26, and Lambert had a tense, on-camera discussion about Lambert’s brief fling with Luyendyk, whom many see as a frontrunner in the quest for the final rose. After Lambert attempted to defend Luyendyk — saying her relationship with him was over 10 years ago, and extremely brief — the West Virginia native acknowledged that her anger wasn’t so much about the relationship, but more about the fact that Luyendyk chose not to mention it to her. I know something about Arie that he isn’t telling me. After unsuccessful attempts to get Luyendyk to spill on his own — including an intense conversation about the importance of honesty and openness between partners during their one-on-one date — host Chris Harrison informed viewers Maynard, Lambert and Luyendyk ultimately resolved everything during an off-camera conversation. The former couple was able to convince Maynard that their relationship was so brief, and so long ago, that they didn’t think it was anything worth mentioning prior to the start of production. Maynard, for her part, realized she didn’t want Luyendyk’s past getting in the way of their potential future together. And despite the brief blowup, Maynard gave Luyendyk a rose — meaning she’ll be traveling to his hometown to meet his parents next Monday. For access to all our exclusive celebrity videos and interviews — Subscribe on YouTube! Moms Like Us!

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On Monday night, a man who is not named Peter Kraus made his debut as the Bachelor. But year-old Arie Luyendyk Jr. Still, five years is a long time. And Arie — a race-car driver and real-estate broker who was born in the Netherlands and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona — is about as forgettable as the 47 blonde women named Lauren currently vying for his love on television. Soon after, I cringe when a man with a tiny face-to-hair-height ratio skateboards his way to the front door.

A source told OK!, Arie and the show’s producer dated briefly, nine years ago, and split Will Emily confront Arie about his secret relationship?

I’m on the back of Arie Luyendyk, Jr. We’re racing down the manicured streets of Scottsdale, Arizona, and I’m gripping his obliques with my forearms, hands clasped in front of him, because I don’t want to fall off this hurtling death machine. Arie knows it’s my first time on a motorcycle, so when he guns the engine, I look down at the speedometer in panic. We’re going He must have felt my muscles tense, because he pats my hands, which are now sweating, reassuringly. His dad was a successful race car driver, winning the Indy twice, and Arie followed in his tracks, starting his own racing career at After a failed turn on a previous season of The Bachelorette , he served as the 22nd season’s leading man, dating and dumping every one of the 29 tanned and bikini-ready women.

Barely five minutes after we sit down, before I even have a chance to ask about it, he brings up the climax of what’s widely considered the most dramatic season ever. A quick recap for non- Bachelor diehards: After saying “I love you” to two women in the ” romantic sands, shores, and mountains ” of Peru, he proposed to Becca Kufrin, a bubbly, year-old publicist from Minnesota. Weeks later, he realized he’d made a terrible mistake—he actually belonged with the runner-up, Lauren Burnham, a reserved, year-old saleswoman from Dallas.

So he broke up with Becca, and, even though the season had ended and cameras were no longer required to document their every relationship move, he invited the Bachelor crew to film the breakup. Then he proposed to Lauren. In the days and weeks after the finale aired, he was digitally crucified on Twitter. Fans branded him the worst bachelor in franchise history which, really , was quite an achievement.

Here’s What Emily Had To Say About Arie In Her Post-‘Bachelorette’ Book

Oh, and Doug , the sobby single dad. Chris Harrison tells us that there will be three rose-less one-on-one dates and a group date. Chris, who seems to be getting progressively creepier as the episodes go on, particularly looks like he wants to tar and feather Arie for getting the date. Emily arrives and she and Arie head out into the streets of Prague. A night away from the kids at the Ramada Inn counts as a vacation for most married couples.

Rebecca Nelson spent two days in Scottsdale with Arie and his fiancé Lauren Even before he was on The Bachelor, Arie, who’s 36, was a sucker for cheesy dating but single mom Emily Maynard ultimately chose Jef (one f) Holm instead​. When the producers floated the idea of him being the bachelor.

During the after party, Doug revealed that arie was a foster child. Emily thought it was best for Tony to leave producer competition before the date ended because he missed his son arie who with the children arie the park which also had Doug miss his son. Emily gave Sean the group date rose. The couple took a private airplane to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for a tour of the park. Emily then met who idol, country singer Dolly Parton.

Arie and Emily danced to a maynard that Dolly wrote for them, and Arie gave Arie a rose.

What Happened On Arie’s Season Of ‘The Bachelorette’? Emily Maynard Broke His Heart

Both men ask for Emily’s father’s permission for his blessing if either of them were to get engaged to Emily. Her family collectively approves both guys cassie aren’t able to give her a clear preference, which cassie what she was looking for. Her mother advises her to wait on an engagement if she isn’t completely ready, something that Emily takes to heart. A few days later, Jef is the first one to have his last date with Emily.

Arie tells Emily emily he had kept Ricki in mind throughout the whole process maynard expresses interest in meeting her before the experience is over, as her daughter is the only part of her life that he didn’t know. Emily agrees and decides to let Jef meet Ricki cassie at the hotel emily the two [Emily dating her dated Ricki] were staying at.

Bachelorette: Emily Maynard Learns Arie Dated a Show Producer. Both men ask for Emily’s father’s permission for his blessing if either of them were to get.

Arie, the race car driver from Scottsdale, Ariz. But drama loomed for the first time when Emily found out that Arie dated producer Cassie Lambert for about five minutes more than a decade ago. She just wanted Arie to tell her even though she already knew but she wanted him to know that she knew without having to say anything. How dare he! Anyway, the three of them had an honest but totally staged conversation about it and he apologized for not saying anything and then Emily and Arie made out in a Czech gondola under fireworks and he told her he loves her.

He was the first. And it was pretty awesome. The second one-on-one date was with John, the data destruction specialist from St. One word: Blah. When Jon got back from his date, Sean, the hunky blond insurance agent from Dallas, was so overcome with jealousy that he hit the pavement — make that the cobblestones— searching for Emily.

Bachelor Arie opens up about Jef Holm feud: ‘There is a little bit of jealousy’

Fill out the form below, or call us at By Debbie Emery — Radar Reporter. The new season of the The Bachelorette has not even aired yet, and already there is a love triangle brewing that has all the ingredients of a salacious sex scandal, and this time it involves a producer! Bachelor guru Reality Steve was the first to reveal that IndyCar driver Luydendyk had previously dated Cassie Lambert , a producer for the reality show who would have played a part in picking the contestants.

Bachelorette: Emily Maynard Learns Arie Dated a Show Producer. After unsuccessful attempts to get Luyendyk to spill on his own.

When India. With her lengthy locs, long flowing skirts, and eccentric jewelry India. Arie offered something fresh and distinct in terms of what we were seeing aesthetically from women in music at the time. It was intriguing. Not only was her look and style distinct, but so was her music. Armed with her guitar, India. Earlier this year, she released her eighth studio album, Worthy.

The album, which was recorded in Nashville, features the singer diversifying her sound. A song about a partner who is there day-in and day-out. Last month we premiered the Nandy McClean-directed video , which features an appearance from David Banner as her love interest. The video was a success, largely due to the on-camera chemistry between the two.

The chemistry came across so real people questioned if they were actually a couple. We spoke with India. I wrote what I was going through and what I was feeling about things.

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When Lambert admitted that she and Luyendyk weren’t that close, Maynard seethes. Though Maynard’s conversation with Lambert was somewhat calm, a source tells Us Weekly ABC’s leading lady was “livid” upon hearing the news, and took her anger out on Luyendyk. Show storms out once the rose ceremony. Maynard also briefly stopped speaking to producer Lambert.

Actor Taron Egerton and producer Emily Thomas have gone their separate ways. Egerton and Thomas started dating in November

Now that the new season of The Bachelor is finally underway, less people seem confused about who Arie is, and more annoyed with his choices on the show. But, even though newer fans of the show might not be super familiar with Arie’s story, they should know that this is far from the first time Arie has tried to find love on TV. Before he was the Bachelor, Arie was just a race-car driver left heartbroken by finishing in second on Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette.

Like many Bachelor love stories, the chemistry that sparked between Emily and Arie from the very beginning wasn’t enough to guarantee him the final rose — something that came as a surprise to even Arie. Arie was the frontrunner of his season , and fans were shocked when he was sent home before he even got a chance to have one last date with Emily. But the smoldering Arizonan realtor seems to have recovered from the heartbreak just fine, considering he’s currently wooing over 20 women in an attempt to find love on television, once again.

But what did Emily actually think about Arie? Selections from her book reveal that Emily was just as smitten with Arie as the rest of America, and honestly it’s still a little confusing why she ended up engaged to Jef. Here’s what Emily had to say about her relationship with Arie in the pages of her memoir.

From the very first night, Emily gravitated towards Arie. She describes him as “smoldering,” and wrote about that first meeting, “We had the strongest connection and he knew how to make me laugh.

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When it was announced that Arie Luyendyk Jr. People didn’t seem to really know who Arie was, and mostly everyone just wanted to know why Peter wasn’t the next Bachelor. But what a lot of fans don’t realize is that Arie is basically the original Peter. Video of Arie and Emily’s breakup on the Bachelorette will remind you that their stories are nearly identical, the heartbreak just as intense, and fans back then were just as outraged that the Bachelorette could have passed up on such an amazing guy.

“I feel like an idiot,” she says after finding out the race car driver hooked up with Cassie Lambert.

Naturally, it will all start out with Chris Harrison teasing that this season will be the most dramatic one yet, but with Arie, it just might well be true. Choosing him for the coveted role of the leading man has proved just as controversial as when Nick Viall was chosen, if not more so since Arie hasn’t been around the franchise for quite some time. Well, unless you count all of the Bachelor Nation alums he’s dated since his days pursuing Emily Maynard. Like Nick, Arie is in his mids and doesn’t blink an eye about admitting he indeed has a past.

That doesn’t mean he’s offering up any juicy details about that past though, so we’re here to reveal a few secrets the new Bachelor doesn’t want anyone to know. It’s no secret that there are a lot of women in Arie’s past, even before he tried to win Emily’s heart on The Bachelorette. Before Emily, he had one really serious relationship with a woman named Cassie Harshman. She and Arie were together for almost two years and actually lived together for a while.

Cassie already had two children from a previous relationship, so Arie spent a good bit of time around the kids. They almost had a child together when Cassie got pregnant by Arie, but sadly ended up miscarrying. Many think Emily was upset in learning that he dated show producer Cassie Lambert, when in fact it was the other Cassie whom he shared a life with for so long. Despite his recent ventures in real estate, Arie is best known as a race car driver.

That means it’s his job to drive fast. It would only make sense then that he might tend to drive a little too fast on the main road too, right?

‘Bachelor’ Arie Luyendyk Jr. Hasn’t Been In Love Since Emily Maynard (Exclusive)